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Million years in to the future the time will come and our sun will fade away it’s power. In the light of the sun may we loop the final stitch in all that’s been shore unduly apart, and by the soft glow of the stars let us smooth out what remains of all our old scars.  Our solar system with it's sun, the planets and their moons, while billion of asteroids and comets surround us, it's our universe. The sun goes out, with all the technology that the humans of the planet Terra have managed to discover, with new laws of physics that have demolished those of ancient times, we chose to leave to have the chance of surviving to another sun.                  

We have a chance to save the whole planet. Than we have to make it count for the next generation to survive. “When you have to move one, the universe moves with you” Low of Actual physics, Will we succeed? Let’s play to find out.

Authors:  Andrei Paun & Monica Pascu

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Game play:


  1. Enter the game and your PC (player character) is our Terra
  2. We have to dodge the commets and the other plannets that stand
  3. We must not intersect with other planets, in order not to destroy them
  4. We hope that the solar system we are targeting will accept us into its orbit

between us and the next solar system


W A S D / Arrow keys / We recommend a Controller

External Assets Used:


Chameleon Post Processing

Unreal Rolling Blue Print Starter Template

Textures From Quixel



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